Moseley Bog Vlog

I went out to do some recording at Moseley Bog early this morning, so I thought I’d document what I got up to and show a little bit of what I managed to capture while I was there. Thankfully the weather held out – absolutely no wind or rain – and I was able to get some great recordings. Not the most professional video I’ll admit, but I hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Moseley Bog Vlog”

  1. It sounds so calm out there, super chilled! Nice idea recording the bell thing as well. I feel like it actually gives you a bit more freedom sometimes rather than an isolated recording because it just sort of sits nicely. Particualrly with field recordings like this where you’re immersed in a 3 dimensional world of bird songs, trying to add something and make it sound natural is hard as i’ve found, so innovative idea doing it out there.

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  2. Great video – I didn’t even know there was a bog in Moseley! Perhaps a trip is in order in the not-so-distant future.
    Really liked the idea of capturing the painter’s perspective at the source rather than in post. Definitely something I’ll keep in mind when doing any recordings in the future.


  3. It was a great idea to vlog collecting your sound materials. Interesting to hear the difference from when you first get there to later on and how the soundscape adapts. I like your idea of using the bell to represent the cows, and how you have thought about space and perspective at the recording stage by changing the positioning.


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