Sounding Images 2017

These pages will showcase the work of the students taking the Sounding Images module in 2017

‘An Interpretive Landscape’ – Oliver Smith

This composition was inspired by 17th century artist Claude Lorrain’s painting, A Pastoral Landscape. To listen to the piece, click the Soundcloud link above, and to locate the work in the Barber Institute gallery, consult the map provided below. Programme Notes I was initially drawn to A Pastoral Landscape because of its beauty – the picturesque scene in the… Continue reading ‘An Interpretive Landscape’ – Oliver Smith

Adam West- Sounding Images 2017: An Acousmatic work for René Magritte’s ‘The Flavour of Tears’

Programme Notes: Magritte’s ‘The Flavour of Tears’ is a surrealist work which deals with conflict, decay and destruction. I wished to mirror this discourse of jagged superimposition, metamorphosis, harmony and discord. I wanted to create an aural collage, ever-changing, evolving and transforming from place to place, time to time. The world is shifting, restless to… Continue reading Adam West- Sounding Images 2017: An Acousmatic work for René Magritte’s ‘The Flavour of Tears’

Alex Lindsay – Vesuvius in Eruption

Listen to Vesuvius in Eruption on SoundCloud: Programme Notes A sonic depiction of the memories Wright drew upon to create the painting Vesuvius in Eruption. The piece makes use of both digitally processed and unprocessed field recordings and studio recordings to guide the listener through Wright’s memories of the journey to Vesuvius, representing the beauty of… Continue reading Alex Lindsay – Vesuvius in Eruption

James Dickinson: Primrose Hill – Winter

Programme Notes The view atop Primrose Hill, on which this painting is based, has a clear view of London’s industrial skyline, which juxtaposes the more natural parkland in the foreground. I wanted to evoke Auerbach’s more bleak vision of their coexistence by creating conflicts between natural and synthetic sound worlds, whilst emulating Auerbach’s aggressive painting… Continue reading James Dickinson: Primrose Hill – Winter

Laura Jeffs – Mother and Child by the Sea

Programme Notes This composition sonically captures Johan Christian Dahl’s Mother and Child by the Sea. The painting evokes a melancholic nostalgia linked to the death of Dahl’s mentor and friend Caspar David Friedrich; the music creates an atmosphere which invites the listener to reflect upon this theme. Despite the small size of the painting, the… Continue reading Laura Jeffs – Mother and Child by the Sea

Paddy Price – ‘Negro Riding a Goat’

Listen to ‘Negro Riding a Goat’ – Paddy Price Programme Notes When first viewing this sculpture I saw a distinct sense of pain on the face of the boy and instinctively placed him in the context of a long and difficult journey. Using this as the basis for my composition, I divided my piece into three sections: a pre-journey… Continue reading Paddy Price – ‘Negro Riding a Goat’

Primrose Hill: Winter – Josh Chapman

Notes: Primrose Hill – Winter. Such a standout piece in the gallery.  What do you see? I see birds, lampposts, fields. The abstract nature of the work makes it difficult to tell, especially in the bottom right – what do you think that is?  I have tried to explore the conflict between the city and… Continue reading Primrose Hill: Winter – Josh Chapman

Ruth Knight – ‘A Beach Near Trouville’

A Beach Near Trouville by Eugene Boudin I was instantly drawn to this piece because of the subject matter: memories of my childhood started running through my mind, an element now sewn into my piece. On further research of the piece and the context in which it was painted, I found that the remote seaside… Continue reading Ruth Knight – ‘A Beach Near Trouville’

Sun, Sea and a Microphone – Eugène Boudin’s ‘A Beach Near Trouville’

I think the scene created here is quite magical. The solitary figure and bordering cliff sides isolate the piece, almost secluded from time itself, whilst the bold blue sky gradually fades behind thickening cloud. Boudin painted this piece following Trouville’s growth in tourism and transport during the late 1800s, which to me gives this untouched… Continue reading Sun, Sea and a Microphone – Eugène Boudin’s ‘A Beach Near Trouville’

The Crucifixion – Simon Meikle

Odilon Redon – The Crucifixion I chose to base my piece on Redon’s ‘The Crucifixion’ after becoming intrigued with the atypical presentation of Christ on the cross. Redon illustrated the religious story in a vivid and human manner, stripping away the supernatural elements and leaving the audience with a depiction of  Christ at his most… Continue reading The Crucifixion – Simon Meikle

“Homme vu par une Fleur” – Marty Fisk

Every sound heard in this piece originated from extensive processing and layering of Sine Waves. These were chosen for their rounded yet harsh and bare tone, and the possibilities this creates for representing the contrasts within Jean Arp’s sculpture, such as the warmth of its colours and soft curves against the cold of the metal… Continue reading “Homme vu par une Fleur” – Marty Fisk