Sounding Images 2018

These pages will showcase the work of the students taking the Sounding Images module in 2017

Landscape in Corsica by Henri Matisse

Programme notes: Although it is one of his early paintings, Landscape in Corsica displays the strong fascination that Matisse had with colours, he himself confessed: “I finally came to consider colours as forces, to be assembled as inspiration dictates. (…) All the colours sing together; their strength is determined by the needs of the chorus.… Continue reading Landscape in Corsica by Henri Matisse

The Crucifixion by Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon: The Crucifixion. This is a diminutive yet extraordinarily striking painting, with it’s vividly abstract layered patchwork of burning red, orange, brown and yellow painted background. It depicts just three human images in the foreground; the central figure of Jesus on the cross, whilst to the left and right are the mourning figures of… Continue reading The Crucifixion by Odilon Redon

The River Dee near Eaton Hall: Sounding Images 2018 – Jack McGlade

                I chose to compose a piece for this particular work as I felt somewhat more connected to it than the other works in the gallery. I knew that I wanted to use some field recordings in my composition, and the fact that the painting is of a… Continue reading The River Dee near Eaton Hall: Sounding Images 2018 – Jack McGlade


Programme Notes ‘Chromeotopograhy’ explores Derain’s brash use of colour, his personal perspective of portraits with the advent of photography, and the process of producing the work. Derain worked quickly, almost throwing oil onto the canvas. As a result, I chose to compose making use of a big, dramatic colourful gestures and a lush harmonic approach,… Continue reading ‘Chromeotopography’